Invisalign go is a virtually invisible form of braces, consisting of clear plastic aligners (like a thin mouth guard or retainer). Invisalign go is a faster version of traditional invisalign designed to treat less complex orthodontic cases.

Is Invisalign go Right for Me?

Invisalign go can treat crowding, underbites, overbites, gaps, and even high canine teeth. Candidates are assessed on a case by case basis, so to see if your’re a suitable candidate for this fast and economical treatment the first step is to book a consultation with us at Hope Island Dental Care.

“One of the great things about the system is that most people won’t notice a smile fitted with Invisalign aligners.”


What Happens at the Initial Consultation?

Your dream smile is discussed with Dr. Jacobs and a series of photos is taken to assess your case. The photos are analysed by the invisalign computer program – which uses mathematical calculations and computer aided design to determine suitability for treatment – plus reveals what your after smile will look like!

We can present you with a digital mock up to show your present smile alongside after images that display your proposed new smile. The number of sets of aligners you’ll need to wear is also set out along with how many weeks of treatment you’ll need.

What Happens during treatment?

Each set of aligners is worn day and night for around two weeks, gradually moving the teeth into the predetermined position. After two weeks, you move onto the next set of aligners.

One of the great things about the system is that most people won’t notice a smile fitted with Invisalign aligners. This makes invisalign an ideal option for adults and teens alike. Many patients are so comfortable wearing the aligners, they often forget they’re weariing them! Invisalign retainers are removable, allowing you to clean your teeth thoroughly, as well as normal eating and drinking.

Why Invisalign?

Many adults are self-conscious of their smile and believe there is no way of correcting it as an adult without traditional wire braces. However, braces have come such a long way in just the past decade. Invisalign clear aligners are a fantastic option due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance – they’re almost invisible! Paired with the convenience of removing aligners during meals, cleaning, or even special occasions, more and more adults are opting to boost their confidence with the Invisalign treatment.

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