Dental Technology

The Most Appropriate Technologies

Our contemporary dental practice matched with Dr Jacobs’ skill and many years of experience, enables us to deliver excellent results. Modern dental treatments are designed to be quick, comfortable, non-invasive and minimally impact your body.
Our use of a dental laser and up to date digital technology enhance the dental treatments on offer at Hope Island Dental Care.
Along with modern dental methods we follow the most current safety protocols.

Gemini Dual Wavelength Diode Laser

We are accredited by Radiation Health Queensland to use and own a dental laser. Laser Dentistry improves your experience and has better outcomes for many dental treatments.

The Gemini laser is used to recontour gum tissue for a gum lift, or to shape around new crowns and veneers. The Gemini laser can treat gum disease and inflammation. It is helpful during some teeth extractions.

Digital X-rays

Safe and accurate x-rays using our digital systems. Our machines are compliance checked every two years to ensure their safe operation.

Wand Computer Controlled Anaesthesia

An advance in dental treatment so you no longer have to dread needles at the dentist! Making your mouth numb is virtually pain free because the computerised anaesthetic is a slow, controlled application.

EMS Air Flow Cleaning

The most modern teeth cleaning available, more gentle on enamel and less sensitivity. Air flow cleaning is the best way to clean hard to reach areas, so it’s especially good for braces. It’s the only dental clean that reaches below your gum line further protecting your gums and expensive dental implants.

Zoom WhiteSpeed

Hope Island Dental Care has the newest Zoom whitening system available for in chair whitening.

Trios Scanner

Trios digital dental scanning. Fast, accurate, and comfortable whenever dental impressions are needed.

Intra-oral Camera

This technology enables you to view your teeth on the monitor so you can see and understand what the dentist is explaining.

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