Full Mouth Restoration

If you require extensive dental treatment Dr Phil Jacobs has strong skills in restorative dentistry and has helped many patients fix their teeth over the last 20 plus years.

Our first priority is always to make your smile healthy again and restore function

Dr Philip Jacobs

If you haven’t been to a dentist in a while and have a lot of symptoms and problems with your teeth it can be daunting or embarrassing to approach a new dentist. Dr Jacobs is a professional and compassionate dentist with many years of experience, he is ready to help you on the journey back to good dental health.

Planning for a full mouth restoration begins with a comprehensive examination, xrays of your teeth, and sometimes an xray of your whole skull known as an OPG.

Detailed written treatment planning is done and presented to you with options and costings for consideration. When a plan is confirmed the work can proceed in stages.

For treatment plans over $4000 that you may want to finance we can suggest MacCredit. To fully restore a smile treatment can range across multiple areas or perhaps only one of these:

  • periodontal treatment to get the gums healthy
  • removing decay and restoring tooth structure with fillings
    and crowns
  • potentially extracting some teeth and placing dental implants to be finished with crowns or a dental bridge
  • possibly root canal treatment if decay has progressed to infection deep in the roots of the tooth

Our first priority is always to make your smile healthy again and restore function, after that you may be interested in some improvements. At the initial discussions of the treatment cosmetic changes can be planned for if a more aesthetically pleasing smile is something you desire.

Hope Island Dental Care has an excellent collection of technology that helps us achieve your full mouth restoration efficiently and comfortably:

  • Gemini diode laser
  • the wand computer controlled anesthetic
  • happy gas
  • digital xrays
  • intra oral camera
  • phrophy jet
  • air flow cleaning
  • trios scanner

We use quality materials and work with our trusted local dental technicians to produce the results you deserve.


Questions? Please contact us for more information.