Children’s Dentistry

Gentle dentistry for your child is on every parent’s wish list. At Hope Island Dental Care we have invested in numerous types of equipment to make children’s treatment easier. As a father of three, Dr Jacobs has an understanding of the needs of children and he is assisted by patient and caring support staff.

The Wand computer delivered anaesthetic is our favourite piece of technology. Now instead of having to use a traditional needle we can almost painlessly numb the mouth with the wand applicator system. What a great breakthrough! By removing a lot of the pain of needles children have a better experience of dental treatment and less fear.

Our air abrasion unit can remove decay with no drill or needle at Hope Island Dental Care. How perfect for those small fillings which your child may need.

Our Dental Laser can be used for decay removal with no drilling also. Plus for children we can use the Gemini Diode Laser to help un-erupted teeth to be exposed more quickly if necessary.

Children’s dental treatment requires extra time to gain trust, our appointments are never double booked and always a generous length. At Hope Island Dental Care we ensure we have plenty of time available for your child to become familiar and comfortable with us before starting dental treatment.

For tweens and teenagers with braces on their teeth our revolutionary air flow cleaning system is the most efficient dental treatment available for cleaning hard to reach areas and down below the gum line.

It is very difficult to maintain good dental hygiene while wearing orthodontic braces and it’s vital to have more frequent cleaning than usual to prevent decay and gum problems. Air flow cleaning used at Hope Island Dental Care combines a jet of water, air and powder to literally blast away calculus and plaque from every surface of the teeth and has no problem accessing areas around dental brackets.

At Hope Island Dental Care our intra-oral camera shows children, tweens and teenagers what’s happening in their mouth up close on an LCD monitor – think of it as teeth cam! Our intra-oral camera is a great tool for explaining any areas of concern, or even just for discussions about tooth brushing technique.

Another important preventative care treatment for children is to consider protection of teeth with fissure sealants. By bringing your child for regular checkups at Hope Island Dental Care we can determine when the time is ideal to place sealants over teeth. The procedure is totally painless and quick, and fissure sealants will usually last approximately seven years.

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