Tooth Coloured Fillings

No More Silver Fillings with Tooth Coloured Restorations

Amalgam and mercury-based fillings are gone for good. They are unsightly, and cause structural weakness to the tooth causing longer term problems. At Hope Island Dental Care white fillings are used exclusively because they look entirely natural, and are aesthetically pleasing.

At Hope Island Dental Care we take care to make the tooth restoration process as pleasant as possible. The electric hand pieces we use are quieter with less vibration during treatment, we have our computer controlled anaesthetic system rather than old fashioned needles, and air abrasion is available to remove small areas of decay with no drill at all.

At Hope Island Dental Care white fillings are used exclusively because they look entirely natural, and are aesthetically pleasing.


When a tooth becomes decayed the damaged structure has to be removed and filled with a new material to prevent further enamel decay and an infection ultimately spreading into the roots of your tooth.

Did you know it takes skill to minimize how much of your good tooth is removed around the decayed area? A skilled dentist wants to retain as much of your tooth as possible.

Another critical factor in the success of your tooth restoration is the choice of filling material, plus how well the dentist understands the properties of the filling material and the correct technique for it’s use.

Dr Phil Jacobs has twenty years experience in placing tooth coloured restorations.

His knowledge and techniques will prevent you having these unwanted problems:

  • a filling that falls out after a very short time
  • a filling that allows decay to keep eating your tooth structure because the material didn’t bond to the tooth properly
  • an overly large filling that significantly weakens the tooth
  • a filling with poor contacts causing sensitivity
  • a poorly shaped filling that affects your abiity to clean and floss
  • a filling with no natural contours that looks unnatural
  • a filling whose colour doesn’t match the tooth properly

If you have existing metallic fillings that you are not happy with, we can still help you. Tooth coloured restorations are not only limited to new restorations, it is a simple treatment to remove your old fillings and replace them with new materials creating that complete, white smile you really want.

During removal of old fillings at Hope Island Dental Care we are mindful that they may contain mercury. These are the precautionary steps we follow at Hope Island Dental Care when removing old fillings: Isolation of the tooth being treated with dental dam, high speed evacuation of aerosols and liquid, using special burs to cut the filling into large pieces as it is removed. Whilst not standard procedure If you prefer to have an alternative source of air during the process the oxygen mask can be used, or a mix of nitrogen and oxygen (happy gas).

To find out more about how Tooth Coloured Restorations can significantly improve your smile, contact us today. We at Hope Island Dental Care are ready to see you. Book now for a consultation and take the first step to lifelong dental health and well being.

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